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Mid-size models lower price to stimulate sales in China

Author:     Publish Time:1970-01-01 08:00:00

Mid-size models lower price to stimulate sales in China


Struck by the increasing popular SUVs and MPVs, the sales of the mid-size models are quite depressing in China this year. Under this background, the main theme of 2015 for all kinds of mid-size models, including the muscular American brands, efficient Japanese brands, aero dynamical Korean brands and even the legendary German brands, is actually quite the same - to lower price.

Mid-size models used to be the first choice for families who want to purchase their second or third car, but now SUVs are their new favorites. Statistics shows, this September, compact models dominate the new car market with a sales record of 600,000 units followed by SUVs with 527,000 units, while mid-size models only account for 9.9% of the total sales with 180,000 units.

Many automakers, including luxury brands as Audi, Mercedes-Benz and BMW, have all decided to join the price war in a bid to win the very limited number of mid-size model buyers. For example, Passat buyers could get as much as 45,000 RMB price reduction including 8,000 RMB subsidies. Peugeot 508 and C5 also come with around 50,000 RMB price discount.

Besides, new models are believed to be the cure for the depressing mid-size models sales. Carmakers have introduced plenty of new models to offer customers more choices, such asLincoln MKC, Dongfeng Infinite Q50L, Jaguar Land Rover XE, Lexus IS200t, new BMW 5 Series, Cadillac ATS-L, Acura TLX, Beijing Benz C-Class and Limo. To be noted, some Chinese domestic brands have also introduced many well-received models, such as GuangqiChuanqi GA6, Geely GC9, Haima M6, Lifan 820 and Zhongtai Z500. Take Geely GC9 for example, the sales of this domestic mid-size model have increased to 4,100 units, compared the 3,000 units of this July.

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