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Eight Chinese giants inked a declaration topromote “Car-Share 4.0” project -

Author:     Publish Time:1970-01-01 08:00:00

Eight Chinese giants inked a declaration topromote “Car-Share 4.0” project


On November 10th 2015, leaders from eight Chinese industry giants inked their names on a multi-party declarationto promote “Car-Share 4.0” project during a strategic press conference held in Xixi valley, a new high-tech park in Hangzhou, China.

"Car-Share 4.0” visions a world where people could just leave their cars at destinations and get cars to drive them around whenever needed automatically. In this way, people could enjoy the mobility provided by cars without the need to actually “own” a car and take up all the repair & maintenance work and cost come with the car. In a bid to create such a connected EV eco-system, “Car-Share 4.0” will highly integrate the concept of car sharing, Internet, alternative energy vehicles, wireless charging technology and self-driving technology.

Though no specific agreement had been reached, all attendants, including Alibaba, Geely, ZTE, Kandi, Uber China, Minsheng Bank, Zongzhongyou EV service company, have agreed that this EV eco-system can’t develop in isolation with other partners. To serve this shared purpose, all these 8 companies will contribute their expertise in different fields. "Car-Share 4.0” will be supported by Alibaba’sYunOS operation system for on-board maps and music services, Uber’s operation for car sharing services, ZTE’s auto charging service and Minsheng Bank’s financing services.

"For the time being, this declaration is still a framework, the real ‘Car-Share 4.0’ is still 5 to 10 years away.”said Xiaominghu, President at Kandi EV, who is also the initiator of this declaration.

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