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NDRC :To build 4,800,000 chargingpiles nationwide in the next five years

Author:     Publish Time:1970-01-01 08:00:00

NDRC :To build 4,800,000 chargingpiles nationwide in the next five years


On November 17th, the People’s Republic of China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) has clearly pointed out, in the Guideline on Development of EV charging Infrastructure (hereinafter as Guideline) issued on the same day, that 12,000 unit integrated EV charging stations and 4,800,000 distributed charging piles will be built nationwide to fulfill the charging needs of around 5,000,000 EVs in China.

By the end of 2014, China has already built 780 integrated charging stations and 31,000 distributed charging piles nationwide, serving more than 120,000 EVs in China.

According to the Guideline, by the year of 2020, China will further complete its charging infrastructure network with a priority on the usage of public service.3,850 charging stations for public buses, 2,500 charging stations for taxis and 2,450 charging stations for special vehicles such as sanitation cars will be built firstly.

China will also build more than 2,400 integrated charging stations and 500,000 distributed charging piles for public usage in the area of transportation junctions, shopping malls, urban green lands, parking lots of buildings and roadside parking spots.

Besides, China will also build more than 4,300,000 distributed charging piles for private usage in cooperation with residential communities and companies.

The Guideline suggests EV owners with fixed parking spots to equip their parking spots with charging piles if possible and encourages companies to build public-use charging piles and come up with some sharing mechanisms for the EV owners without fixed parking spots.

The Guideline also requests that all the parking lots, private or public, should equip certain numbers of their parking spots with charging facilities or reserve space for future installment in accordance with thepercentage specified in the Guidelineand generally speaking, 100% of the parking spots should be equipped with charging facilities in the parking lots of all the new residential buildings.

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