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Automakers push to launch alternative energy vehicles in virtue of Guangzhou Auto Show in China

Author:     Publish Time:1970-01-01 08:00:00

Automakers push to launch alternative energy vehicles in virtue of Guangzhou Auto Show in China


With the help of policy, the development of alternative energy vehicles will step up in China. The thirteenth Guangzhou Auto Show begins from today where a total of 1,000 vehicles will be revealed 36 of which are making their debut globally. More than 10 models of alternative energy vehicles including electric, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid vehicles will go on sales, ranging from domestic brand, imported brand to jointed brand. Alternative energy vehicles will undoubtedly become focus of this auto show.

That several brands of limitedly-produced alternative energy vehicles are revealed in one auto show has never happened before in China. There is an independent exhibition area for alternative energy vehicles during this auto show. Meanwhile, electric vehicles exhibition held in Area B of exhibition hall for China Import and Export Fair began on November 20 and will last 9 days.Both domestic and foreign brands including Volkswagen, GM, Toyota, BMW, Audi, SAIC, BAIC, BYD, Chery, Geely have brought their latest products to the fair.

In virtue of policy recently issued by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in China, energy-conservation vehicles and alternative energy vehicles will embrace their booming. Therefore, some insiders believe that this will motivate automakers to step up investment on alternative energy vehicles, leading to fierce competition.

Policy also pushes automakers to adjust their development plan of alternative energy vehicles frequently some of which even raise their development strategy in the future. In the media communication conference held yesterday, Jochem Heizmann, Volkswagen group management board member, Volkswagen group (China) President and CEO, said: "China is the most important market of Volkswagen and we will reveal electric vehicle e - Golf, plug-in hybrid GTE on Guangzhou Auto Show.

As the main support of alternative energy vehicles industry, China’s independent brands don’t lag behind. As requested, by 2020, the annual sales of alternative energy vehicles will reach1,000,000. On the eve of Guangzhou Auto Show, Geely announced the development strategy of alternative energy vehicles, aiming to achieve that the sales of alternative energy vehicles will account for over 90% around 2020. Earlier this month, SAIC said in a news release that it planned to invest 20 billion yuan on developing alternative energy vehicles, launching more than 30 models as of 2020.

Some insiders think that the production and marketing plan of independent brands in China will surpass that of the government by 2020 according to current development strategies of SAIC, GAIC, BAIC and Chery. Though China’s government has made up its mind to strongly develop alternative energy vehicles, automakers should formulate production and marketing plan based on their own characteristics.

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