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Top 10 Japanese models in October in China

Author:     Publish Time:1970-01-01 08:00:00

Top 10 Japanese models in October in China


This October, Chinese passenger vehicle market has witnessed a double-digit growth compared against the same period in last year. Under this background, Japanese brands sold totally 317,341 cars, representinga 9.1% increase, and accounted 16.9% of all the car sales in Chinese market.

Top 10 best-selling Japanese models:

SYLPHY: 35,456 units

Corolla: 26,310 units

CR-V: 16,790 units

X-Trail: 15,519 units

Levin: 13,068 units

Funtec: 11,295 units

XR-V: 11,041 units

Vezel: 10,790 units

Camry: 10,659 units

Vios: 10,105 units

The best-selling Japanese model of October went to SYLPHY sedan from DongFeng Honda. The carmaker sold 35,456 SYLPHYs, a 15.6% increase compared with last October. The second best-selling model was Corolla from FAW Toyota, also a sedan. Except for a decline in August, the sales of Corolla have been on a stable increase for the first 10 months of this year. Besides, it was also the best-selling Japanese model of June and July.

To be noted in the sedan segment, the sales of FIT and new Teana, which both exceeded 10,000-unit sales last October, were both blow 10,000 units. The sales of new Teana only totaled 2,840 units, a plunging 74.0% decrease from the 10,942 units of last October.

This October, the overall sales in SUV segment reached 631,295 units, an impressing 62.2% increase compared against last October. Japanese brands sold totally 93,236 SUVs, which represented a 42.9% increase, and accounted 14.8% of the total sales in SUV segment. The best-selling SUV was CR-V from DongFeng Honda, which was the only Japanese model among the Top 10 best-selling SUVs of October. The second best-selling Japanese SUV was X-Trail with a sales record of 15,519 units. Other Japanese SUV models that exceeded 10,000-unit sales also includedXR-V and Vezel.

This October, China’s MPV segment has been on anoveralldecrease, except for some domestic brands. The sales of Japanese MPV only totaled 11,211 units, a 29.9% decrease compared with last October. Jade, the best-selling Japanese MPV, only sold 5,303 units, representing a 22.2% decrease. The sales of Odysseyalso witnessed a 39.2% decrease with only 3,550 units this October.

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