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Looking Back the 12th“Five-Year” Plan, How Big is the Gap from the Big Groups’ Grand Goals?

Author:     Publish Time:1970-01-01 08:00:00

The 13th“five-year” plan comes with the ending of 2015. Have the automobile companies accomplished the 12th“five-year” plan? How far is the difference from the goal?

The day before yesterday, China Economy Auto Channel sorted out the following mainstream self-owned brands’ performance in 2015.

SAIC Motor

SAIC Motor has a plan of annual sales volume of 6m units in the 12th“five-year” plan. The actual total sales number till November is 5.24m units, increasing 2.77% year on year, ranking first in the auto industry. The accomplishment of the target requires the sales volume of 759,000 units in December, which is a rather difficult task. The sluggish 2015 automobile market has forced SAIC to adjust a bit of its targeting 6m units. Of course, it’s possible that the three powerful joint-venture brands Shanghai VW, Shanghai GM, SGMW would cooperate to finish the goal.

Dongfeng Motor

Dongfeng Motor has a plan of annual sales volume reaching 5m units. The actual total sales number till November is 3.40m units, ranking second in the auto industry. According to the year plan issued in January, Dongfeng Motor has a target of 4.1m units in 2015, sprinting for 4.3m units. Even though, there is a gap of 701,500 units from the goal, 2 times of the average sales volume in the previous eleven months. Till now, no news of adjusting sales goal has been issued.


FAW has a plan of annual sales volume reaching 5m units. The actual total sales number is 2.56m units from January to November, ranking third in the industry. FAW has not published the latest 2015 sales goal, but we all remember the 2m units’ sales volume for self-owned brands. FAW has postponed the 2m goal to 2020. Apart from self-owned brands, FAW VW and other joint venture enterprises are also adjusting their sales. FAW ranked third with a sales volume of 3.08m units in 2014. It seems quite difficult for it to catch up with the last year’s performance.

Changan Auto

CCAG’s plan is 5m units for the 12th“five-year” period. The accumulative sales volume in the previous eleven months is 2.53m units, increasing 8.4% year on year, ranking forth in the industry. The group’s 2015 goal of 2.9 to 3m units increases about 14% to 18% from 2015’s 2.54m units’ goal. There is a gap between 368,000 to 468,000 units, which can be achieved in December in consideration of the average 230,000 units from January to November. Besides, although CCAG has not accomplished the 12th“five-year” plan, it has made out the 13thand 14th“five-year” plan, that is, to achieve the 6m units’ sales goal in 2020 and 8 to 9m units in 2025.


BAIC sets the 12th “five-year”plan of 3.5m units. Its actual sales volume reaches 2.17m units, ranking fifth in the industry. BAIC’s annual sales volume goal is 2.7m units in 2015. Although it has adjusted the target, the goal still increases 0.3m units with 2014’s goal. Considering the 0.2m units’ sales volume in the previous eleven months, it’s a bit difficult for BAIC to catch up with 2014’s sales volume, let alone surpassing it. In particular, Beijing Hyundai cannot hinder the goal.

GAC Group

GAC Group plans for the 3m units’ annual goal in the 12th“five-year” period. It actually sells 1.12m units in the previous 11 months, ranking sixth in the industry. GAC Group’s annual sales volume has increased greatly from 2011’s 0.74m. Calculated with the average monthly sales of 0.1m units, it’s quite possible that GAC Group will sell more in 2015 compared with 2014’s 1.17m units. With the rising tendency, GAC Group has issued the annual goal of 2.4m units till the end of 13th“five-year” period. The goal, which is lower than the 12th“five-year” period, shows its practical attitude.

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